Adobe Air P2P video call on Android

One of the latest solutions brought into the wild from Adobe was the demo software called “FlashTime,” which was built on the upcoming Air 2.5,that allows the Android smartphone users to make P2P video calls…..

If you recall, a few days ago we stumbled upon a cheekily-named concept app (which has since been renamed for obvious reasons) from Adobe that does video-calling on Android. This is pretty rad considering it’s just Qik and Fring offering the same service for the green bot right now.

Adobe’s Mark Doherty only spent three days cooking this simple app. Regardless, this should still help Android developers understand the beefed-up peer-to-peer capabilities in the forthcoming Air 2.5 runtime, which is now “feature-complete” and undergoing extensive testing ahead of launch later this year.

Things are less positive for Flash availability on other mobile platforms, though. While Nokia’s just waiting for a Linux SDK before it can start porting Flash apps to its devices within 2010, Adobe implied that it’s still waiting for two other vendors to respond — Palm’s already been shown a Flash build running on webOS devices, and it’s just a matter of the company signing up for Adobe’s device certification system; RIM, on the other hand, is a bit more vague, but we were told it’s definitely interested in both Air and Flash. And here’s the surprise of the day: no comment on Flash for iOS (not to be confused with its digital publishing tools for the iPad), but there’s no stopping you from hacking it in yourself.

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