Android Also Collects Positioning Information, Not Just iPhone’s iOS

Apple has not at all denied the fact that they store information about their users’ location. One of the company’s lawyers stated in a letter sent to American officials that „Apple needs to have access to information about their users’ location in order to be able to provide high quality products and useful services”.

It is now becoming clearer that Android collects positioning information as well. The only difference is that Google say that everything is being done statistically, in an anonymous manner.

Apple also states that users have total control over the information they decide to make public, although security experts think otherwise.

When it comes to Android, things are even more complicated because the data is not only stored, as it is done in the case of iPhone, but the time of the locating and the GPS coördinates are also sent online to These pieces of information are sent together with other information such as the available Wi-fi networks and the unique terminal ID.  According to Google officials, it is the users who decide what information are collected.

I, for one, this that this information is automatically transferred as long as users do not activate their Privacy settings.
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