HTC HD2 gets Froyo and Sense with 2.1

We have already heard that all HTC smartphones of 2010, an update to Android Froyo “will be” 2.2. But more precise dates were not specified or generally. Well said Eric Lin, his character “global PR and online community manager”at the HTC Froyo updates for the androids of his company……

Android port on HTC HD2? Well, it may not sound weired as we have already seen planetbeing porting Android on iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G and froyo ROM on iPhone 3G. Likewise, some developers managed to dual boot Android and Ubuntu Linux Karmic Koala on HTC HD2 and Windows Mobile 6.5 with HTC Sense in tandem. They were trying hard to port Android operating system since long that could work flawlessly on HTC HD2 hardware.

It’s been a long, ugly road, but HD2 owners and hackers alike can finally bask in the glory of an open device with top-notch hardware and specs that still give mid 2010’s best phones a run for their money. We’d already seen a stock Android 2.1-based ROM, but now we’ve got your choice of stock Android 2.2 or Android 2.1 with Sense, too seriously, pick your poison.

Besides the statement about “Froyo” had announced the official HTC Android something about “Ginger Bread”. If you believe his speculations, it might not Ginger Bread as planned just before Christmas, but only in the first Quarter of 2011 are. This would mean that the first devices with “Ginger Bread” in the 2nd quarter of next year could be available. This is all the fine traditional architecture combined but more speculative, the chance that “Ginger Bread” but this year is coming.

Incredible piece of reverse engineering! If you are a real geek you may head over to XDA-Developers forums now and get all the necessary files and instructions to install android 2.1 on HTC HD2 successfully. Make sure that a memory card has 2GB of free storage and the card needs to be a class 4 microSD for speed purposes.

It is important to note that the current builds available may not be very stable and might contain some bugs. Notably, Android crashes sometimes making Ubuntu to run on the HD2 then. The mouse pointer fails to point the correct spot which is very annoying. But, touchscreen seems to be now working flawlessly!

Though HTC clearly never intended to getthis kind of Sense on the HD2, there’s something that just feels right about it, isn’t there? Follow the break for videos of both firmwares in action.


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