Galaxy S will get Froyo in September

If you were wondering when the Galaxy S would be getting the Froyo treatment, Samsung has promised that an update would be coming not long after release.But in September you can update your Galaxy S with Froyo….

Wondering when the Galaxy S will be getting its own cup full of Froyo, the 2.2 build that every Google handset is screaming for? Samsung promised that an update would be coming not long after release, and now courtesy of the company’s official UK Twitter feed we know it’s due in September.

The official Twitter arm of Samsung UK have put an end to rumors about Android 2.2 and the Galaxy S, stating for a fact that the update will pushed out for all networks at the end of September. Now, if only they would tell us about other handsets, and when we’ll see it on this side of the pond.

Android 2.2 for the Galaxy S has already been leaked, and doubtless found its way onto hundreds of phones of people who took the initiative to install it themselves. However, most users will doubtless wait for the official update, so word that this might finally be arriving in approximately two months is great to hear.

At least, Samsung is saying it’s coming in September. That company has shattered our little hearts before with its broken promises, and we’d sure hate to see it happen again.


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