Leaked Photo Confirms Gold-Colored Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung is due to finally lift the wraps off its flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone today. Just hours before the event, a new leaked photo suggests yet again that the company has also readied a gold-colored Galaxy S5.

Golden Samsung Galaxy S5

The tradition certainly started with Apple who unveiled a gold-colored iPhone 5S last year. While initially, the color was lambasted for being a tad bit garish, it really took off and the handset was sold on sites like eBay for well above its original price.

Samsung is following the precedent, hoping to cash on in the gold-frenzy by offering its own flagship smartphone in a golden shade. The available colors for the new Galaxy S5 will be, as per the rumors, black, white, blue as well as gold. The first hint of this was found when a screenshot from Vodafone‘s internal system revealed a listing citing a gold-colored Galaxy S5.

Now, another image which shows off Samsung’s smart watches as well as what appears to be Galaxy S5 models in the background, features a gold-colored handset. The handsets pictured in this image do seem to be next-generation Samsung offerings and the gold-colored Galaxy S5 actually looks quite cool.

But for now, this is pure speculation. Samsung is due to unveil the real deal in a matter of hours at its Barcelona event and we will know for sure how far these rumors are true.

Source: AndroidZoneRD

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