HTC Rolls Out Invitations For A Press Event On February 19

Rumors about a possible M7 Android mobile handset by HTC have been circling for a while. HTC may be ready to lift the wraps off the device as it rolls out invitations for a press event on February 19th.

HTC press event

The timing of the HTC press event is very intriguing. It is scheduled just ahead of the Mobile World Congress, which is the occasion many companies take to unveil their new offerings. HTC, apparently, doesn’t find it apt to go with the crowd and has decided to bring together its own launch event.

The company has rolled out invitations to two press events which will take place simultaneously. One will be hosted in London whereas the other is being held in New York City. This hints that whatever HTC plans to offer at these events will probably be made available in both U.S. and Europe at roughly the same time.

Although many have speculated that it is the M7 Android handset that HTC plans to show off at these events, we couldn’t be sure about it. There haven’t been any clear hints and HTC seems fairly secretive about it, so we will take all speculations with a pinch of salt and wait for the event to actually see what HTC has in store for us.

Courtesy: The Verge

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