Huawei Announces Global Availability Of Dual-Core Smartphone Ascend P1

Huawei has recently unveiled a number of impressive smartphone devices which may propel the telecom gear maker into limelight as it endeavors to make place in the global smartphone market. Back at Mobile World Congress this year, the company had claimed that by this summer, its high-end LTE products will reach Europe and Asia. Now, Huawei has announced the global availability of its flagship dual-core smartphone device, Ascend P1.

The availability of Ascend P1 will start with Hong Kong, Australia and Taiwan where it will be available with the retailers and carriers by May 2012. Latin America will follow next, due to have the device available by June this year. Finally, as promised earlier, the device will hit the shelves in Europe by summer and availability in other markets will then follow.

According to the Chairman of Huawei Device, Richard Yu, ‘The global availability of the Ascend P1, which combines smart features and a sexy design, represents a significant milestone for Huawei Device.  We are sending strong signals of our intention to transform into a consumer-facing brand and extend our market leadership globally by strengthening our range of flagship products. We are also expanding our sales and distribution channels to move beyond a focus on operators.’

Ascend P1 in itself is quite a neat piece of hardware and may be able to attract users if backed by proper marketing. It has a dual-core 1.5GHz T1 OMAP 4460 Cortex-A9 processor and has a very sleek look. With 7.69mm thickness, it is definitely one of the easy ones to tool. The display is a 4.3-inch AMOLED 960 x 540 touch screen. The rear camera, which is a fine 8-megapixel, may be able lure many photography-enthusiast smartphone users.

Finally, it comes with Corning Gorilla Glass, which has come about to be the high-end technology standard for smartphone devices, and has Dolby sound technology, which is definitely a pleasure for the user.

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