Microsoft Offers Up To $350 For iOS, Android And Blackberry Devices

Apple recently launched a trade-in program to encourage customers to bring in their older iOS devices. However, Microsoft is now running a far more lucrative deal by offering up to $350 as part of a trade-in program for iOS, Android as well as Blackberry devices.

Microsoft trade-in program

The process of the trade-in program is somewhat complicated, but you still has a chance of getting more than what Apple is offering for its own older devices. Microsoft is offering this in collaboration with Clover Wireless.

To trade-in your iOS, Android or Blackberry device, all you need to do first is discern the actual worth of your device. You then have to purchase a new Windows Phone or tablet and mail the device you are trading to Clover Wireless. The latter would then hand out a Visa prepaid card to you, amounting to a sum which is equivalent to the worth of your old device.

You can start by hitting this link. Once you reach this link, you will have to manually enter the details of your devices. Moreover, after you make the mandatory Windows Phone purchase, you will need to produce the proof-of-purchase. The new Windows device must be bought within 30 days of you shipping your older device to Clover Wireless.

Thankfully, the trade-in program supports a wide range of devices from all of the aforementioned platforms. Without a doubt, this is one of the most lucrative trade-in programs that we have seen in a while. You may want to try it out if you wish to try out Windows Phone by trading off your current iOS, Android or Blackberry device.

Source: Microsoft

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