Motorola “Pax” Image Leaked: May Feature Dual-Core & CDMA-Based Push-To-Talk Service

Motorola recently said it would launch up to 10 devices via Sprint this year, it ready introduced the XPRT, Titanium, Triumph, and Photon 4G. Now a new Motorola phone leaked which has the same from factor the XPRT and Titanium have named Motorola Pax. Motorola Pax is the first dual core BlackBerry form factor Android smartphone and support Sprint’s new CDMA 1XAdvanced Push-to-talk technology……………..


Remember the recently leaked Motorola Android smartphone, which is supposedly landing on Sprint in United States has been leaked again at This is My Next and Motorola Pax is supposed to be the successor to the Motorola XPRT with Android Gingerbread and a BlackBerry alike bodyshell  with key features including a dual core OMAP processor and the inclusion of Sprint Direct Connect along with a QWERTY keyboard.  That’s strange since portrait QWERTY devices are still fairly rare in the Android world and Sprint just released the Motorola XPRT recently, but Pax is apparently an XPRT on steroids thanks to a dual-core processor (the XPRT uses a 1GHz single-core TI OMAP 3) and support for Sprint’s new CDMA 1X Advanced push-to-talk system that’s lined up to replace iDEN over the next couple years.



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