Moto X’s Camera User Interface And Swipe Gestures Leaks

Earlier we’ve seen leaked press shots of Moto X by @evleaks where the phone was spotted in black and white, separately. This time, we’ve spotted Moto X’s camera user interface in leaked pictures. Some new images posted by Android Police show screen captures those reportedly depict Motorola’s new camera software in action.

Moto X Camera's New UI And Swipe Gestures TTJ-1

The first image shows how adjustments are made via a control wheel, where you will find the options for flash, focus, panorama etc. The wheel like control functions are visible in the left side. You have to drag on the icons, which will spin the virtual wheel around to display more. And Swiping from the right shows you Gallery “SLO” icon – that’s a slow-motion video mode.

Moto X Camera's New UI And Swipe Gestures TTJ-2

There are some horizontal screenshots showing toggles for slow-motion and audio recording. There is a “Quick Capture” feature; with two quick flicks of the wrist you can open the camera app at any condition, even when the phone is off or locked with PIN and pattern locks. Another shot shows the navigation buttons don’t auto-rotate, even though the camera UI and pop-up do.

Moto X Camera's New UI And Swipe Gestures TTJ-3
Moto X Camera's New UI And Swipe Gestures TTJ-4

While you are taking photos or recording videos you can focus and take one shot with a simple tap. And by tapping and holding you can take photos until you release. Sliding your finger up and down will engage the virtual zoom. A couple of contextual buttons on the bottom portion switch between photo and video mode and the front and rear cameras. One image shows a tutorial for the first launch that helps users get acquainted with camera app.

Moto X is expected to be unveiled today at an event in NYC.

Moto X Camera's New UI And Swipe Gestures TTJ-5

Source: Android Police

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