Palm Pre 2 Specs

French mobile phone carrier SFR posted basic specifications and a couple of images, describing the device as “flatter” and “more refined” than the original.The promo suggests speed is the focus with a much faster 1GHz processor (up from 500MHz) with the same 512MB RAM as the Pre Plus.

It adds that webOS 2.0 will ship with it and will make Facebook a heavy focus, with push messages, status updates and Facebook Chat woven into the OS.

That’s all we know about the hardware specs, but SFR also claims the Pre will push notifications of Facebook wall posts and other social media updates kind of like the Pre already does with e-mails. It’s a welcome feature for the connected consumer, but it’s nothing revolutionary.

Palm has been mostly quiet since being acquired by HP but now appears to at least initially be taking an Apple-style philosophy that doesn’t change the design in significant ways but focuses on performance first. WebOS has been holding on to its market share in recent months but has been unable to dislodge either Apple or Google. Much of its status has been credited to Palm’s near-collapse before HP became involved, as it couldn’t afford to reach as many carriers or upgrade the build quality of its smartphones.


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