PayPal Uses Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Sensor To Verify Payments

Apple was the first company to bring the fingerprint scanning technology to a popular consumer device. Samsung is following suit but it has also opened up the biometric technology to others such as PayPal.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Fingerprint scanning on a smartphone can be used not only for the in-device security, but also for the security and verification of a whole lot of other services. So far, Apple hasn’t opened up the use of its fingerprint sensor to other developers.

But Samsung is making available such access from the get-go. While Galaxy S5 is due to hit the shelves today, PayPal is debuting its own integration along with it. Users can hit the fingerprint sensor on Galaxy S5 to log into their PayPal accounts and later verify their transactions.

PayPal is also rolling out its app for Gear 2 and Gear Fit wearable devices. In a video which gives us a glimpse of how this app works, one can see that it makes the entire process of keeping tabs on your PayPal accounts, availing discounts and making payments as easy as a flick on your wrist.

It remains to be seen whether other players in the online payments industry make a similar move by forging partnerships with Samsung. Or perhaps, most will sit back and see how the Gear 2 sales play out and only then make the decision. Plus, there’s also the possibility of Apple opening up its biometrics to companies like PayPal in the coming months.

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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