Samsung Launches $800,000 App Challenge For Galaxy S4

Samsung regularly hosts such events which may entice app developers and help the company bring these developers on board for its Android devices. The company has launched $800,000 ‘Smart App Challenge 2013’ focused on getting top-quality apps for Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4

The competition comes with a number of strict rules, which must be adhered to by the participating developers. For instance, all such developers who decide to participate in it must make use of Samsung’s Chord SDK, a special software interface which has been specifically developed for Samsung devices.

At the same time, all participating apps must be sold at ‘Samsung Apps.’ The company has stated that it will be judging the entries on the basis of their uniqueness, design and commercial value. For those of you who aim to be a part of this competition, you must send in your entries from June 20 to Aug 31.

The grand prize is $200,000, whereas three runner-ups will get $100,000 each. Finally, six developers who are lucky enough to be in the third position will each receive $50,000. Not only that, Samsung promises that the winning entries will be eligible for investments from the company’s venture department.

It remains to be seen how successfully this App Challenge spices up the interest of the developer community on Galaxy S4. The company’s aim, in bringing together this event, is to essentially crowdsource great apps for the handset as well as divert the attention of the developers, at large, towards it.

Source: Samsung

Courtesy: TechHive

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