Samsung Galaxy S4 Sales Exceed The Ten Million Mark

Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, Galaxy S4, has made many headlines around the tech world. Launched rather recently, the smartphone packs quite a punch but many cited that it may fail to gain much traction. Despite these speculations, the sales of Galaxy S4 have already exceeded the ten million mark.

galaxy s4

It has been less than a month since Samsung finally made the much-awaited smartphone available in the market. It was launched in a rather absurd event but the sheer number of features offered by the handset has swept many off their feet.

Since its launch, Samsung has already sold some 10 million Galaxy S4 units to retailers and wireless operators, which indicates very strong sales for the device. In terms of numbers, this is the fastest-selling smartphone of the company to date.

This achievement is more pronounced when seen in the context of the sales of earlier Galaxy handsets. Galaxy S3, for instance, reached the 10 million mark some 50 days after its launch. Galaxy S2 took even longer to reach that milestone, having taken five months.

While Samsung is certainly growing fast when it comes to the sales of its flagship smartphone, Apple still beats the company to it. Within a week of the release of iPhone 5, Apple had already sold some 5 million units. In other words, the company has certainly exceeded the 10 million mark already and iPhone 5 are expected to continue strong even long after the release.

Courtesy: CNET

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