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Nexus Two a.k.a Nexus S will be having a permanent delay this November comes this series of updates from engadget.After Best Buy confirmed its existence on its website, some hands-on pictures have showed up, along with the model number the smartphone will have: GT-i9020.

Just to give you guys a refresher of what has become with this rumored smartphone. It was first featured on CityAm whereas it was first thought to be revealed on November 8 or November 12, but it turns out there are some undisclosed “manufacturing difficulties” that’s why the delay for this device. It’s only up to this day it was revealed following the crumbs from Best Buy, that perhaps, November 12 release for this Nexus Two phone would appear to be valid, depending on three factors: Google, Samsung and if Best Buy Mobile will keep on leaking this uncanny looking picture over their header advertisement.

Whatever happens, yes the Samsung Nexus phone is still real and we are hoping for an announcement any time now. Every day that Samsung delays the launch, they risk losing a sale since more and more customers are waiting for the dual-core phones that are expected to be revealed on January 5th at CES.


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