Smartphone Subscribers In US Exceed 100 Million, Android Accounts For Half

Smartphone market has kind of exploded in recent years, with millions of more smartphone devices being tooled by each passing year. The highlight of this booming industry is of course the developed nations, US being among those leading. According to the statistics released by ComScore recently, the total number of smartphone subscribers in US has now exceed 100 million!

To cite the precise figures, the total number of subscribers as figured by ComScore figures are 101.3 million. This is a whooping increase of 13 percent since October last year, which goes on to show how the smartphone market is increasing in size, now exponentially. The growth in the market share of Google and Apple has continued, albeit having slowed down. Google now stands at a market share of 48.6 percent whereas Apple has a market share of 29.5 percent. RIM has continued with it’s downward trajectory with no signs of improvement. It now has a market share of just above 15 percent which is still witnessing a declining trend.

Windows Phone and Windows Mobile shares, combined by ComScore when gauging Microsoft’s share, also witnessed a fall in numbers. Although Microsoft is hoping to gain a foot to the positive side with the launch of the upcoming Lumia models but that still remains a bleak possibility. Palm-based smartphone devices continue to hold a market share of 0.8%, a number which is obvious to decline into obscurity in the near future.

Image courtesy Phil.

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