NEC Introduces LED Light With Wireless Speaker

Imagine having a LED ceiling light which you can control from the leisure of your couch. All you have to do is tap on your smartphone and the brightness of the LED gets adjusted. Moreover, you are able to play music through wireless speakers which come with the ceiling light so that you can pre-adjust certain music for certain light conditions or play a track at will again, by tapping on your smartphone. With NEC Lighting’s new product, this just became real.

NEC Lighting has produced the two components as a union ‘twixt. Both the wireless speaker and the LED ceiling light are controllable through an Android smartphone. So you get to tweak light settings and adjust it as per your mood and at the same time, get the wireless speakers to play music for you through your phone’s Bluetooth.

However, if you are lazy and don’t want to be setting music every time or if you certain music to go with different light conditions, you can switch to one of the three preset options which include active, natural and relaxed lighting and music.

Although it is still not commercially available, the product is nearly ready. And NEC is hoping to improve it further and then ship it out by the end of this year. You may want to lay your hands on it if in need of a more ‘groovy ambiance’ to your living room.

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