Neofonie Introducing WePad Tablet Communal Version Of iPad

Do you think the iPad is a little too stuck up? Maybe the Marxist in you desires something with a little less individual focus. Well German company Neofonie has heard your manifestos and is introducing the WePad.
This one, the imaginatively titled WePad, is as ambitious as its name might suggest. The WePad has a larger 11.6-inch screen with a 1366 x 768 resolution. It uses an Intel Atom 1.66GHz N450 processor and comes with a 16GB or 32GB flash drive. It has a 1.3MP webcam, 2 USB ports, an SD card reader, SIM slot and can run Flash. The battery life, at six hours, isn’t up to the as of yet untested 10 hours that the iPad claims flash card reader, UMTS modem, we could see ourselves picking one up — provided the price point is decent. The WePad also uses some weird Android/Linux mixture according to Neofonie and includes an eBook reader that supports all open standards. But that’s just the beginning! The manufacturer, Neofonie, also has designs on a WePad app store and, if all goes according to plan, this thing’ll sport genuine Google Android and the Android Market.
You also get access to the WePAD App Store, which I’m sure is a huge selling point. Oh yeah, the tablet will also reportedly run Google Android and have access to the Android Market — making it one of the first non-smartphone devices I’m aware of that’s supposed to have access to the Android Market out of the box.

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