Amazon’s Android Tablet Coming Within October?

The pieces of Amazon’s Android tablet puzzle continue to coalesce with the retailer’s lengthy parts supplier lists leaking ahead of what’s expected to be a commercial launch of two slates later in Q3 2011 AND we’re getting closer to the predicted August to October release date of the tablet. Amazon’s 7-inch tablet codenamed Coyote, will use a glass-on-glass touch panel, DigiTimes reports, provided to assemblers Quanta by both Wintek and CPT AND THE singificant number of 10-inch tablets are believed to be in the works with the so-called Hollywood slate. The online super store is said to be targeting a shipment of 4 million tablets in 2011 and it looks like Amazon has faith in the success of its tablets…………….


Amazon is looking to take a bite out of Apple’s iPad sales with a tablet computer of its own and Amazon isn’t getting enough parts for the production of the company’s upcoming tablet devices. But Amazon seems to have found the right suppliers as it’s reportedly buying all parts that it can in order to ramp up production of the 7-inch and 10-inch tablet iterations. Vendor reports reveal that Amazon now comes second only to Apple with regards to IC parts shipment from Taiwan. This coincides with the previous report that Amazon is importing 2-finger touchscreen display solution for its devices. If these new reports are true, then we’ll be seeing three sizes of tablets before the fiscal year comes to an end. Industry experts previously expected only the 9-inch iteration of the tablet to pop up in the market first any time from August to October. The second version of the tablets will supposedly be released next year. To be priced competitively upon release, Amazon is expecting to sell 4 million units months after the tablet’s launch.



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