Microsoft May Bring More ARM Based Windows Tablets Soon

When Microsoft released Surface tablets powered by Windows 8, almost everyone was very much excited. These tablets have enabled Microsoft garnering a lot of people’s attraction. However, now Microsoft has hinted that it might bring a lot of Windows ARM based Windows RT tablets soon, hoping that those tablets would be able to gain same attraction of people like the predecessors.

Surface RT Tablets

The ARM-based Surface tablet which runs Windows RT is 0.36 inches thick and weighs a mere 1.5 pounds. It is available in black color. However, as Microsoft saw that people accepted the ARM based tablets delightedly, so the company has decided that it will continue to make and promote more ARM based tablets to the market.

Terry Myerson, executive vice president in charge of all of Microsoft’s operating systems at the company’s financial analyst meeting on Thursday said, “There are two very important chipset families in all of our devices and that’s [Intel] x86 and ARM. As phones extend into tablets, I expect us to see many more Windows ARM tablets in the future.” Here what Myerson tried to mean saying phones extend into tablets is that Microsoft plans to bring ARM based phablets too.

We will not be surprised if Microsoft chooses one OS for both tablets (Windows RT) and phones (Windows Phone), as both run on ARM processors. What do you think guys? Share your thought with us in the comments box.

Source: CNET

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