eLocity A7 Android tablet

You can rest assured with the huge success of the iPad that there are a huge amount of tablets in the works that will be coming to market soon.The latest such iPad competitor is set to launch in about a week and is called the eLocity A7…….

While most companies are busy touting their upcoming Android tablets as web-surfing, app-running, game-playing powrhouses, Stream TV Networks is taking a different approach with its upcoming eLocity A7 tablet. This little Android tablet will be up for pre-order starting on August 24th, and Stream TV is touting its multimedia capabilities.

One of those tablets that is coming to market is the Stream TV eLocity A7. The maker of the device says that it will be up for pre-order on August 24 and that the full details of the device will be offered then. For now, we only know a few tidbits about the tablet.

The company says the tablet integrates “high-end display and graphics technology.” But there are no detailed specs available at the moment, so I really have no idea what that means.But the tablet will apparently measure 8.2″ x 4.8″ and have a 7 inch display.

The tablet does appear to have all the usual features including a handful of Android buttons on the front — including Home, Menu, Back, Search, and volume keys. It looks like there’s also a USB port, headphone jack, and SD card slot. The eLocity A7 will also have an HDMI output and apparently comes with an (optional?) docking station.

One of them is that it will run the Android OS. Another factoid is that it will have a 7-inch screen. The tablet also promises to have “a whole new level” of graphics and multimedia performance. Until August 24 rolls around, that is all we know.

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