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iPad Air Adoption Rate Is Quicker Than Last Year’s iPad 4 & iPad Mini

Apple‘s new iPad Air tablet has been flying right off the shelves. In terms of numbers, iPad Air adoption rate is far greater than the adoption rates of iPad 4 and iPad mini following their launches last year. This has now been revealed by the app marketing service Fiksu.

iPad Air adoption rate

Within two days of their launch, the adoption rate of iPad 4 was 0.14% whereas that of the original iPad Mini was 0.21%. In contrast, iPad Air’s share in the iPad tablet marketplace within two days of its launch has reached 0.73%. This is five times greater than the iPad 4 adoption rate and nearly three times that of the iPad Mini adoption rate last year.

This higher adoption rate for iPad Air makes some sense when considering the research of Piper Jaffray Friday which recently revealed that nearly 75% of early iPad Air purchasers already have an iPad. In terms of total numbers, iPad Air still holds only a tiny fraction of the total iPad marketplace.

When accounting for the two-day launch sales of the slate, it holds a mere 0.7% of this market whereas iPad mini has 20.4% share of the marketplace and iPad 4 has grabbed another 22%. Then again, it has been mere days since iPad Air was launched and in the forthcoming months, we can expect the market share of iPad Air to shoot past other iPad slates.

iOS 7 adoption rate

Other interesting indicators from Fiksu reveal that the adoption rate of iOS 7 has already reached 71.2%. After a similar amount of time following its release, iOS 6 commandeered 61% of the total iOS devices while iOS 5 had reached only 51%.

Source: Fiksu

Courtesy: Mac Rumors

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