Kindle Fire May Put Android Tablets On Fire

Kindle Fire with it’s sleek design, better-than-before OS and competitive prices may put many contemporary tablets to test. With Apple iPads still safe because of their superior performances, Kindle Fire is most likely to affect the Android tablet market. In the long-run, it may pose a threat to Apple’s iPad too.

Amazon is all set to release Kindle Fire on November 15 across US. The new installment on the Kindle series is sleeker, smarter and equipped with a better operating system.

Improved user experience:

The user interface of Kindle Fire is very smooth. A number of apps such Twitter, Facebook are available. And the default browser, Amazon Silk, is an intelligent piece of code that learns your browsing patterns and loads the pages faster than conventional browsers.

You can connect to the internet through Wi-Fi. However, the device comes with an 8GB of storage space, so you will be able to store only limited content.

Competitive prices:
The most important question that an Android user may ask now is that when he can play music, watch movies, browse the web and read books on a $199 Kindle Fire, why should be spend money on more pricey Android tablets. Apple iPad may be safe for now because of their superior performance, additional functionality and Apple’s trademark design excellence but if Kindle Fire becomes a sensation, Apple may have to rethink the future prices of  iPads.

The additional advantage with Kindle Fire is that you always have a chance of special deals and discounts at Amazon and hence an access to infinity of books at better rates. A number of deals offered as ‘Amazon Kindle Daily Offers’ already allow Kindle users to buy books at heavily discounted rates from Amazon. So at least for the book-lovers, Kindle Fire turns out to be a handy, affordable and preferable tablet than any other.

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