LuvPad AD100 Android Tablet

Mouse computer Japan Release Luvpad AD100 Android tablet with Tegra chipset.LuvPad feature a 10-inch display with Tegra 250 CPU and Android version 2.2…..

LuvPad AD100 is a 10-inch Android tablet with the powerfull Nvidia Tegra 250.LuvPad AD100 is now available in Japan,but non japan living people can order online.The LuvPad AD100 comes with a capacitive multi touch 10.1-inch display with the resolution of 1024×600.This resolution is the max for android tablet at this moment.Android 2.2 froyo OS is pre-loaded on LuvPad AD100.

Feature :

  • NVIDIA Tegra 250 mobile processor
  • 512MB of DDR2 RAM
  • 8GB flash memory
  • microSD card slot, USB 2.0 mini port
  • built-in speaker
  • IEEE802.11 b/g Wi-Fi
  • weight: 760g

LuvPad is available in Japan for $480.If you are interested for outside order you can pre-order at $530.75 with Geek.

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