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Pandigital is expanding its line of low cost Android tablets and is embracing its tablet side with a new range of devices including the Pandigital Planet, Nova and Star. The three 7-inch devices priced below $200 and although Android purists and enthusiasts might look elsewhere for Honeycomb support. The devices could do quite well in the unfolding tablet market thanks to their budget-friendly price points and it’s also possible that Pandigital’s upcoming fourth flagship tablet could be running Honeycomb……………


Pandigital announced a line of Android media tablets that deliver advanced features and functionality, giving consumers a choice in devices that best fit their digital lifestyle. The first three tablets in the line – the Pandigital Planet, Pandigital Nova and Pandigital Star – will be available this month to consumers starting at $159 MSRP. The fourth product in the line, the flagship product, will be announced and available to consumers in Sept. These powerful new tablets feature Cortex A9 processors with embedded hardware 3D graphics engines, providing fast response times and enhanced performance for consumers, whether watching the latest action movie, playing the hottest video game or watching a recent vacation video. Combining performance with design, the Pandigital Planet, Nova and Star allow users to multitask in style. All three Wi-Fi-enabled devices feature 7-inch full-color touchscreen displays enclosed in a light weight, sleek, black housings with a brushed metal-look front bezel. Users can easily read the latest best seller, surf the web, check email, post on the most popular social media sites, catch up on the news or entertainment, check out family vacation photos, and more while at work or play. Additionally, users have the flexibility to personalize their tablet by downloading the Android applications that are most interesting to them from the preloaded app store, unleashing the devices’ full potential.


“We’re excited to share this family of media tablets that feature innovative technology at an incredible value to our customers,” said Dean Finnegan, founder and CEO, Pandigital. “We have included many of the features and functionality that consumers have come to expect from much higher priced devices. To further enhance the customer experience, each model also includes several advanced features, such as the ability to browse the Internet, catch up on email, watch movies, and share photos on the family TV from the tablet.” As digital content becomes more prevalent, consumers want to customize their personal devices to best fit their lifestyle, making it critical to have instant access to the latest applications. The Pandigital Planet, Nova and Star all offer seamless connectivity to more of the applications consumers want, including:

  • Barnes & Noble’s eStore – Quick and convenient access to more than two million eBooks, newspapers and magazines, a wide variety of free eBooks, and more than half a million free classics. It’s easy to browse, sample, buy, and download published content in seconds. Also, customers can lend many eBooks with friends and family for 14 days.
  • GetJar – Access thousands of applications from the world’s largest free app store from categories including Education, Social & Messaging, Entertainment, Finance, Food, Games, Health, Search, Lifestyle, Maps, Music, News & Weather, Photos, Productivity, Religion, Shopping, Sports and Travel.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Browser – Access the Internet and surf the web anywhere a Wi-Fi connection is available.
  • Email – Stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues using existing email addresses –including support for MS Exchange.
  • InTouch and Facebook – Quick access to Facebook, Twitter and RSS news feed data.
  • U-Player – Direct access to popular YouTube videos.
  • Gallery and Video Player – View and manage photo files, and play and manage MPEG4 video files.
  • Music – Play and manage music audio files (MP3, WAV and AAC).
  • Camera – Use front and back cameras (front-facing camera only on Pandigital Star) to take pictures and video.
  • HDMISwitch – Anything you can experience on your tablet can be viewed on your TV (optional HDMI cable accessory and TV with HDMI input required).
  • ES File Explorer – View and manage files and apps, and back up files to a microSD card.
  • OfficeSuite Viewer – Open and view many file formats (DOC, DOCX, TXT, XLS, XLSX, CSV, PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX and PDF).

To further enhance the flexibility of the product, all three tablets feature custom-developed applications that provide users with a more intuitive experience. The Wi-Fi Connection Wizard aids in connecting with and monitoring available Wi-Fi networks. Another app provides automated notices of firmware updates and the ability to download them directly to the tablet via the Wi-Fi connection. Other useful apps from Pandigital include InTouch for instant access to social networking sites, a customized calendar, a notes app, a weather app, and an alarm clock. The Pandigital Planet, Nova and Star provide a superior customer experience through advanced features and functionality, combined with a user-friendly interface. All three devices feature the powerful Android operating system – the Planet and Star are Android 2.2 and the Nova is Android 2.3. All the tablets are upgradeable to new Android operating system versions and will be scheduled for future firmware releases as they become available. The new tablets offer an excellent viewing experience with 7-inch full-color LCD displays. The Planet and Nova offer a 600×800 resolution and the Star’s thinner width utilizes an 800×480 widescreen resolution and easily fits in one hand. In addition to the back-lit Android buttons, the three devices each provide users with a sensitive ActiveTouch touchscreen interface with multi-touch support. Additionally, the orientation sensor automatically adjusts between portrait and landscape mode in most applications when the devices are tilted and the 2-Axis Accelerometer is great for controlling games that need simultaneous steering and acceleration.


The integrated memory (2GB for the Planet and Star, 4GB for the Nova) lets you store hundreds of books, apps, movies, music and more. In addition, the built-in MicroSD card reader accepts up to 32GB memory cards for virtually unlimited storage. The built-in mini-USB On The Go (OTG) port provides a way to connect directly to a computer for easy file transfers (Mac and PC compatible), supports a number of peripherals, such as wired mice and keyboards, or wireless mice and keyboard combinations and can also be used to re-charge the internal battery. Each of the tablets has a compact and sleek design measuring approximately 5-inches wide, 7 ½-inches high and 1/2-inch deep and each weigh less than 14 ounces, making them extremely portable. All three devices come with a rechargeable Li-ion battery and get up to 6 hours of use (performance varies based on use –averaging longer for reading with no Wi-Fi and shorter for continuous streaming video). The three Pandigital Android media tablets will be available at leading retailers across the U.S. The Pandigital Planet (R70A200) is currently available for $189 MSRP, the Pandigital Nova (R70F400/ R70F452) will be available this week for $189 MSRP and the Pandigital Star (R70B200) will be available mid-August for $159 MSRP.


Features Of All Three Android Tablets:

  • Pandigital Nova ($169)
    • Android 2.3
    • 7-inch full-color LCD displays (600×800)
    • 4GB internal storage
    • Wi-Fi and HDMI support
    • Front/Rear Camera
    • Preloaded with Barnes & Noble’s eStore, GetJar
    • Available now at Best Buy
  • Pandigital Star ($159)
    • Android 2.2
    • 7-inch full-color LCD displays (800×480)
    • 2GB internal storage
    • Wi-Fi and HDMI support
    • Front/Rear Camera
    • Preloaded with Barnes & Noble’s eStore, GetJar
    • Available in mid-August
  • Pandigital Planet ($189)
    • Android 2.2
    • 7-inch full-color LCD displays (600×800)
    • 2GB internal storage
    • Wi-Fi and HDMI support
    • Front/Rear Camera
    • Preloaded with Barnes & Noble’s eStore, GetJar
    • Available now




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  1. Cmrsinaman Says:

    We have tried almost everything to get these Andriod Pandigital Star 2.2 Tablets to take the keyboard. Are we doing somrthing wrong? We both have the R70B200. Two of these were suppose to be gifts to others but we can not get the keyboards to work on the tablets. Strangely enough, I checked them on my laptop and they do work.

    Posted on February 17th, 2012 at 12:36 PM

  2. Lou Simpson Says:

    I haven’t been able to download any apps for the pandigital star tablet that I bought for my young granchild. I don’t have Wifi, and I keep getting the message that I have no connection, but why can’t it work when I hook it up to my laptop? The icon is on the screen, but when I try to download games for her, I get the message that I need the “robot” icon for it to work.

    Posted on July 4th, 2012 at 3:44 PM

  3. Jessi Says:


    Posted on December 27th, 2012 at 10:25 AM

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