Rumor: Amazon Kindle Preparing For Video Streaming

Amazon is hard at work on a Kindle eReader-like tablet with a colored display and Amazon s prepping a new color Kindle, code named Hollywood, capable of streaming video and to be sold with a promotional video service offering. Such an offering would certainly help to differentiate Amazon’s tablet from rivals such as the iPad from Apple Inc. or the BlackBerry PlayBook from Research In Motion Ltd and with its broadly encompassing product line and service offerings is the only company with a hope of knocking Apple from its perch atop the tablet market……….


Amazon’s rumored tablets are said to be coming with on-demand streaming and one of Amazon’s upcoming tablets should be expected to feature an on-demand movie streaming service upon release, according to information gathered by Detwiler Fenton’s consumer research team. The one tablet that will feature the on-demand streaming feature pre-installed is named Hollywood and the Hollywood tablet is said to be the 10-inch model that Amazon will launch to compete with the Apple’s iPad, ASUS Eee Pad Transformer and many other large-screen tablets. New details on Amazon’s rumored Android tablet suggest the online retailer is looking to offer a bundled movie streaming service, possibly for free. Amazon is widely expected to release a branded tablet this year and the company is now trying to differentiate itself in the increasingly crowded tablet market by tying it to its own content services. The new color Kindle is expected to have a 10-inch display with a powerful processor (possibly quad-core). The color Kindle should arrive in time for the holiday season, with pricing expected in the range of $399, in order to undercut the starting price of the Apple iPad.


Amazon is looking to leverage its range of services and apps on the tablet, in order to differentiate itself from competing Android tablets from Motorola and Samsung. Detwiler Fenton suggests one of these services will be movie streaming, the same service Amazon already offers for free to its Prime customers. It’s unclear however, whether this service would be free for all, at least for a limited time, but Amazon Prime customers are likely to be able to access it free of charge. Other services Amazon is expected to bake into its tablet are the Amazon Android Appstore, which could be the exclusive way to get app on a (unhacked) color Kindle, a version of the Amazon Cloud Player for music and the Kindle Store for all your e-book reading needs. This way, Amazon would be able to pitch its tablet as a movie-watching, music-listening, e-book reading device, along with any other app and online browsing needs you might have. What remains to be seen is what version of the Android operating system Amazon will leverage for the color Kindle. Most Android tablets are now warming up to Honeycomb 3.0, but we don’t know whether Google will give Amazon access to the Honeycomb source code.



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