Rumour:Nexus Two Delayed for Hardware Issues

Nexus Two, rumors were already floating around that the 2nd gen of the Nexus was on its way to the world market. Others were saying that is wasn’t. OTHERS still say that Samsung is the maker, and others say not.This time around we learn that the smartphone, supposedly manufactured by Samsung, has been delayed due to a hardware issue.

However, a recent article on TechCrunch suggests that the Nexus Two smartphone does exist, and that it was actually delayed to the next year, due to some hardware issues discovered during dogfooding.

According to them, the smartphone would be delayed until the said issue would get fixed, though there are no details available on when that might happen.

As for the actual platform it would run under, rumor has it that it would be Android Gingerbread, or the 2.3 version of Google’s OS.

In addition to delivering a new version of the Android platform, the handset is also expected to come with appealing hardware.

Initial rumors suggested that we might see the Nexus Two launched on November 8th, but Samsung denied these suggestions, stating that Samsung Continuum, a Galaxy S handset for Verizon, would get launched on that day.

At the same time, the company stated that Nexus Two rumors “are simply not true,” even if some people claim they’ve seen the device and even played with it a little.


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