Samsung SENS-240 Navigation Tablet

Samsung introduce the SENS-240, a tablet hybrid which replaces both standalone GPS units as well as in-car navigation units, a unit focused on navigation while also capable of pairing with your current Android smartphone and powered by a 1.43GHz processor capable of rendering high-resolution 3D maps while simultaneously playing both video and audio files on its 7-inch WVGA (800×480 resolution) display. There’s also 256MB of RAM, USB 2.0, a SD card slot, DMB-TV and Bluetooth onboard……….


Samsung introduced in Korea a very unique Hybrid Tablet with the SENS-240, a hybrid car navigation system / tablet that plays nice with your Android-powered Samsung smartphone or tablet. Made to work in coordination with one of your Samsung Android powered and connected device like a Smartphone or a Connected Tablet, the SENS-240, a Car Navigation System of PND if you prefer will take over via Bluetooth your phone basic Voice, Data, Voice Search and Video Features to display them on its huge 7-inch screen along side your Navigation Needs.The SENS-240 is by default a quite powerful device and runs according to Samsung with a 1.43GHz CPU allowing gorgeous 3D Maps as well as being able to play simultaneously both Audio files as well as Video ones like DMB TV programs, other features includes a 7” screen with a 800×480 resolution, 256MB od RAM USB 2.0 Host and SD Card slot.Finally Samsung also allow your Smartphone or Tablet to be used as an “advance” remote control with a dedicated UI to control your SENS-240 video, audio and other features including SNS ones when you are not driving and what to relax while stuck in a traffic jam for example.



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