Telstra T-Touch Tab

An Australian telecom firm Telstra release which like iPad style and it’s a budget tablet with mobile phone option……

Telstra has launched a tablet PC that it hopes would compete with the popular iPad line from Apple. The T-Touch Tab, which is available for $299, is twice as cheap as the most affordable iPad model.The device boasts features such as a 17cm touch screen, the ability to make phone calls and send SMS and mobile Internet access. The gadget, which targets budget-conscious consumers, is based on the Google Android operating system.

The device’s display is about three times as large as a smartphone screen. The T-Touch Tab also has Foxtel, which allows mobile access to video clips, TV shows and movies.The device also has front and rear facing cameras. The feature provides support for video calls and lets users upload pictures to social networking Websites like Facebook.

The T-Touch Tab is the latest digital device released by the telecommunication company. The device comes bundled with a T-Box digital set-top box and a T-Hub touchscreen home phone.


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  1. Chocomelissatomtom

    I can’t unlock My tablet after l have tryed so many wrong pattern attemps My gmail acconut is not excepted and l don’t remember My username com password l don’t have a computer to fix the problem can you please help me. Reset My t touch tablet PLEASE

  2. Gordy-f

    djc touch tab can it charge through usb

  3. Craigrozynski

    Is the telstra t touch tab going to upgrade to andriod 2.2 with flash capablity or do I just give it away cause I need flash drives to play games Android watch tv shows or does anyone know how to fix this problem also need usb drive to transfer files fromcomputer………

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