Toshiba Android Tablet With Nvidia Tegra 2 coming

Digitimes has reported plans from Toshiba to produce an Android-based touchscreen tablet computer, due out in September or October of 2010.Toshiba Android Tablet Pegged for October Release.Toshiba, & Everyone Else, Hurrying with a Tablet by the Time the Reindeers Start Flying, Apple is Very Afraid…….

Today is a day for tablet rumors first the Google Chrome OS tablet rumor get’s new life and now this. Toshiba is now rumored to be readying a 10-inch Android tablet for release sometime in between September and October. This would be something very interesting considering Toshiba just released the dual touchscreen Libretto W100 the other day. To be fair this rumor is coming from Digitimes and there info is sometimes wrong.

The iPad became quickly a great netbook alternative and sold magically in a few million units in a relatively short time. So what does the competition do? It comes up with different tablet models. Just like Asus saw rivals build up more and more netbooks. At some point I was able to tell you all the netbooks models available in the world, and it was a two-digit number, but then there were simply too many devices. The same thing will happen now with tablets. But faster since now content streams dominate the mobile world and app stores bring in some very serious cash every quarter.

Will the unnamed Android device be able to distinguish itself from the competition? We certainly hope so especially with hot devices like the Motorola Stingray and the Samsung Galaxy S, which are also Android tablets. Then we have a Chrome-powered HTC device, the BlackPad from RIM, an HP webOS/Windows 7 tablet, the Eee Pads from Asus and, why not, the Dell Streak. I’ll also mention the JooJoo for the sake of it and the WePad, and now I’m too dizzy to remember what else is out there in the tablet business. Oh yea, the iPad and the rumored iPad 2.

But oh do we hope they aren’t wrong about this one. The rumored Toshiba tablet is said to be coming with the Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, a 10-inch screen and some type of Android OS. That’s really all we know for now as to the specifications for the tablet. We are about to get into the September month so we’ll see just what comes of this rumor.


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