Hexound Solar-Powered Wireless Headphones

Hexound headphones designed by Zhong-Fa Lie are only a concept.Lie designed the Hexound headphones to be made up of three removable units. When these units are connected, they “fulfill their own roles as speakers and a foldable & portable solar energy collection device.” The headphone speakers, when detached, can be used in a stereo speaker mode, described as a standalone way to share music with others around you at a party.

The band of this concept headset incorporates photovoltaic panels that continually recharge the headset’s onboard battery. The headset comprises of three removable units, which when connected accomplish the task of speakers and a foldable solar energy collecting device. The speaker mode sets into action with just a flip of the switch.

The Hexound Wireless Headphones might just be your solution to high quality sound, without your conscience bothering you about having to replace batteries every so often. The concept design includes solar panels that power up the headphones while outdoors, and charge the headphone’s batteries when not in use.

The headphone is also composed of removable units, which means that you can use them as stereo speakers for sharing music in a room with friends.


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