[Tutorial] How To Block Ads On Your Android And Save Data

Sometimes advertisement can be so annoying while surfing internet. But by installing app, you can get rid of such problems. however, if you are using Android handset and want to relieve yourself from seeing advertisement while surfing internet, then this tutorial is absolutely for you. Lets see today, how one can block ads on his/her Android and save data.


Pop-up windows and ads is the most annoying things in the world. Even on Android, it is also a very annoying thing. The adds in a new Window uses too much data and slow up your device. There are many people who use ads blocker on desktop. But now you can block all the ads on Android with an app called Adblock Plus. It will block ads, stop pop-up Windows and stop tracking. No need to mention, the app will help you save data and bandwidth.


First, download the Adblock Plus app from here and install it. Now to block ads on your Android, go to Settings > Apps > Adblock Plus and uncheck the Show Notifications box. That’s it.


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