How To Convert Printed Text To PDF Right On Your Android or iOS Phone

You can convert any printed text document to a PDF on any Android and iOS devices! Sounds interesting, right? You will only need a very simple app and also a good camera.

Today’s technology is moving us forward from hard copy to digital copy. It’s all about the revolution of the smartphone. We are using the smartphone in hundreds of different ways to get works done that we never imagined.

While using Android phone or iOS device, you might be thought it will be great if you can convert printed text to text PDF or DOC file. Yes, it is possible and it’s all about the phone’s camera. Your text will be like original PDF book. No one will find that was taken from your phones camera or a scanner.

How Do This Works

This actually works with your smartphone camera. A technology called “OCR”(optical character recognition) is used to recognize the text. It takes photos from your phone then recognize the text from your photo using OCR and converts those text to PDF.

There are lots of apps that can convert printed text to text PDF file. We will show you the best one. Let’s take a look.

Adobe Scan

Recently Adobe released this OCR type scanner app called “Adobe Scan”. In the first impression, Adobe has done well in pointing the edges of a page. It has also cloud service to back up your documents named “Adobe Document Cloud”

Price: Free
Download Link: Play Store and iOS


This app is very popular to scan printed text and convert to PDF. It recognizes the photos very well. No matter how and what angel are you taking that photo. It works well as it says. It also has a free and premium both version.

Price: Free
Download Link: Play Store, iOS

Price: $1.99 for Android and $4.99 for iOS (Pro Version)
Download Link: Play Store, iOS

Office Lens

This app comes from Microsoft called “Office Lens”. It is also similar to CamScanner. In this app, you can save in Word document and OneNote after scanning photos.

Price: Free
Download Link: Play StoreiOS , Windows

No more delay, convert any printed document into PDF file using these handy tools. If you do so, let us know which one you found the best among our suggestions.

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