How To Fix Mobile Phone Charging Problem

Let us help you fix the mobile charging issue, for good!

Is your phone not charging properly or charging slowly or completely not charging? We will show you how to fix those issue and also point out problems.

You might be facing that your mobile is not charging properly or charging slowly. It is connected to the charging cable but not charging or it says charging but actually it is not charging. There might have lots of problems that are causing this issue. We are here to solve those problems. See the Methods below:

Method 1: Restart or Reboot your phone

In every problem, the first solution is to Restart or Reboot your phone. Reboot your phone and see if the problem has gone. Sometimes system files stuck and not working properly. Rebooting your phone might fix those problems.

Method 2: Remove Your Phones Battery

If you have a removable battery then you have to switch off your phone and remove the battery for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes connect it to phone and turn it on. See if it works. Sometimes battery sensor does not work properly. Restarting phone could fix those issues.

Method 3: Remove Dust

You won’t believe that how many dust and other things are going through your charging port. You should have to remove it. It could also fix those issues.

Method 4: Use Ampere App

A simple app called “Ampere” can measure if the phone is really charging or not. It can also measure how much voltage transferring. This app is only available for Android. For iOS, you can use “Battery Magic” app.

Download Links: AmpereGoogle Play Store, Battery MagiciTunes

Method 5: Change Charging Cable

If those methods do not work then try to change the charging cable. It could fix the problems.

Method 6: Change Power Adapter

Sometimes power adapter not works properly. It’s because of internal problem. You cannot fix this easily. So consider buying a new power adapter. It can solve this problem.

Method 7: Repair USB Port

If any method does not work then it might the problem with your USB port. You can’t fix of your own. Show it to your device manufacturer. They will find and fix USB port problem.

Method 8: Change the Battery

This is the last method to fix this issue. Your phone battery has some problem that’s why not charge or charging very slowly. So change the battery immediately.

Some Advice:

  • Use only original charger or power adapter that comes with your manufacturer.
  • Don’t charge for too long time. Disconnect the charge cable as fast as possible when it is completed to 100%.
  • If you are a rooted android user then calibrate battery stats. It will fix the battery percentage.
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