[Tutorial] How To Turn Off Wi-Fi Assist On iPhone To Save Mobile Data

Turning off the Wi-Fi Assist can be a great way to save your mobile data on iPhone or iPad since it can automatically start using the cellular data if your Wi-Fi network shows poor network. Learn how to disable the feature on iOS 9 and save the cellular data.

Wi-Fi Assist

If you were using the Wi-Fi Assist, then you might have noticed how much extra you had to pay for cellular data. Every time when you go to the balcony or some part of the house where Wi-Fi signal is poor, this feature automatically turns on your Cellular Data. In order to turn off the feature, you have to follow the quick steps that given below:

Step 1: Open Settings app from Home screen

Step 2: Go to the Cellular option

Wi-Fi Assist

Step 3: Scroll down and tap on Wi-Fi Assist

Step 4: To turn off the Wi-Fi Assist, you have to toggle the green button

Done, you have successfully turned off the Wi Fi Assist. Now your iPhone will not turn on Mobile Data automatically even if you are out of Wi-Fi network.


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