[Tutorial] How To Install Apple watchOS 3 Beta Certificate

To Install the Apple watchOS 3 beta is more complicated than installing iOS 10 or macOS beta. But we will show you the guideline to do it with few steps.

Apple watchOS 3

In this tutorial, we have added the steps that you need to follow in order to install the Apple watchOS 3 beta certificate. Before trying to install the watchOS 3, please ensure that you are running the developer beta for iOS 10 on your iPhone. Follow the steps and start using watchOS 3 beta on your Apple Watch.

Step 1: You have to log into developer.apple.com on the iPhone which is paired with your Apple Watch

Step 2: Now, find the watchOS 3 download page

Step 3: From the watchOS 3 download page, tap on ‘Download watchOS 3 beta Configuration Profile’

Step 4: You will see ‘Choose a Device’ pop up, select ‘Apple Watch’

Step 5: To start, tap on ‘Install’. Now, you have to enter your Passcode

Step 6: Please, tap on ‘Install’ confirm

Step 7: Now, tap on ‘Restart’ to reboot your Apple Watch

After your Apple Watch has rebooted, then the installation process will go back to normal. To know more about Apple Watch beta version, keep your eyes on our Facebook Page.


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