[Tutorial] Guide To Teach Siri To Recognize Your Family & Friends

In iOS 9, Apple has added the ability to teach Siri your voice, so that it will only follow your command. With that feature, you can also make Siri know about the nicknames and relationships of the important people in your life in order to make you life easier.

[Tutorial] Guide To Teach Siri To Recognize Your Family & Friends

If you pick up the iPhone and say ‘Hey Siri, Call my sister or Call my mom’, it will answer, ‘who’s sister or mom?’. But with a little teaching session, you can literally teach Siri about the people and their information who matters to you. Check out this easiest tutorial and make your life a bit easier from now on.

How to teach Siri the nicknames of your close people

Step 1: You have to activate Siri by holding the Home button or just say ‘Hey Siri

Step 2: After activation, you have to provide Siri a command about your relationship with the contact. For example, John Watson is my assistant, Emma is my cousin or Roro is my husband etc. You can use one-word first or the last name based on your professional and personal relationships with that person as well as you can teach nicknames that have been saved in the contact form.

[Tutorial] Guide To Teach Siri To Recognize Your Family & Friends

Step 3: After taking a moment, Siri will ask for confirmation of the relationship that you have told it. If it has got the information correctly then tap or just say ‘Yes‘.

Step 4: Siri will review a confirmation page with highlighting the new information for the contact.

Now whenever you need to text or call John Watson, you just have to say, ‘Hey Siri, call/text my assistant’. You do not have to type the names anymore.

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