[Tutorial] How To Add Windows 7 Client PC to Windows Home Server

The first thing what you do when you setup your Windows Home Server is start connecting other computers in your network. Having Windows Home Server in your network can be good from much reason and the main reason I use it is for backups. Having Windows Home Server without any computers connected in its network is pointless so that’s why I will show you how to connect a computer with Windows 7 operating system.

To get started follow steps below

Step 1: Open your Internet Explorer or any other web browser and inside address bar type following http://[servername]:55000 and replace [servername] with the name of your server and press Enter on your keyboard

Step 2: You should be connect to your Windows Home Server web page now from where you need to click Download Now button

Step 3: Download and start Windows Home Server Connector wizard

Step 4: Click Next button, select I accept the terms of the license agreement and click Next again

Step 5: Wait until Windows Home Server Connect installs on your Windows 7

Step 6: Once installation is completed you will be prompted with new window where you need to enter your password and click Next

Step 7: Now select whether or whether not you want to wake you computer from sleep or hibernate mode to backup files and click Next

Step 8: Wait for a minutes or two while the client computer joins Windows Home server.

Step 10: Once it’s done click Next

Step 11: Click Finish and you have successfully configured your Windows 7 computer with Windows Home Server

Step 12: You should see a new icon Shared Folders on Server on your desktop, also a new icon called Windows Server Home Console has been added inside your Windows 7 Start menu.

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