[Tutorial] How To Find and Recover Lost Mozilla Firefox Bookmark

If your Mozilla Firefox web browser accidentally crashed and you suddenly lost all of your bookmarks you are probably asking yourself why I didn’t made those backups. Well, the good news is that you didn’t have to because Firefox did that by himself and without your knowledge. Yes, that’s true, Mozilla Firefox makes bookmarks backups on regular bases but the problem is that the location where those bookmarks are stored is not familiar to everyone and in this tutorial I will show you how to locate and return your lost bookmarks back.

To return your lost bookmarks back to Mozilla Firefox follow steps below

Step 1: First thing what we need to do is click Start menu and choose Documents

Step 2: From top left corner of your window choose Organize and from dropdown menu choose Folder and search options

Step 3: Click on View tab and make sure that option Show hidden files, folders, and drives is checked

Step 4: Click OK to save changes.

Step 5: Now once we enable option to see hidden files and folders go to Start menu again and click on your profile name

Step 6: From here you should see a folder called AppData. Open that folder and then follow this folder path Roaming -> Mozilla -> Firefox -> Profiles

Step 7: In here you should see the profile folder with .default inside its name

Step 8: When you open that folder you should see a folder named bookmarkbackups

Step 9: When you open bookmarkbackups folder you should see Firefox bookmarks backups sorted by date. Now simply copy the date you need somewhere on your desktop and open Mozilla Firefox

Step 10: In Firefox go to Option menu and choose Bookmarks -> Show all Bookmarks

Step 11: From top bar click on Import and Backup and from context menu choose Import bookmarks from HTML

Step 12: Located the files we saved on desktop in Step 9 and click Open

Step 13: Your bookmarks should be restored now.



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  2. Achlles

    This is nice, but he is wrong about Step 11, the ‘Import…’ part. You won’t see the files that way. You need to choose ‘Restore’ and then ‘Choose File’ and then look for the file you copied.

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