[Tutorial] How To Fix New iPad Wi-Fi Connection Issues

When you bought your new iPad in March and used it for the first time you probably noticed that your Wi-Fi signal is much weaker then on your previous iPad (iPad 2). Many of you will probably think that it is a problem with internet connection but as you done a small investigation you noticed that you are not the only person complaining about this problem and that’s the actually a problem with iPad. It turns out that this problem is related with software and not hardware, and thankfully there is a very easy solution to fix it. Follow this tutorial to find out which steps you need to perform and fix your slow Wi-Fi connection on New iPad.

To get started follow steps below

Step 1: On your iPad go to Settings and then from left navigation choose General

Step 2: Then under General choose Network and then go to Wi-Fi

Step 3: Once you open Wi-Fi section, tap on blue arrow that is located next to the device that your iPad is connected

Step 4: Then on next screen choose Forget This Network

Step 5: Now again return to your Wi-Fi Screen and connect to that same network again.

Step 6: Exist all settings and test your Wi-Fi. From this point your Wi-Fi should work much better.

Does anyone else having these issues with Wi-Fi on new iPad and did this fix worked for you? Leave your replays in comment section below.

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