[Tutorial] How To Remove Your Computer From A Homegroup In Windows 7

If you decide that you no longer want to belong to a HomeGroup, you can leave it by removing your computer from it but remember that once you leave a home group you will no longer be able to access files, folders and printers that other people have shared with that group. Leaving a HomeGroup in Windows 7 is just easy as joining one which you can easily rejoin it later if you change your mind. Follow this tutorial to find out how to remove your computer from a home group.

To get started follow steps below:

Step 1: Click Start menu and choose Control Panel

Step 2: Once you are inside Control Panel, use search box available in top right corner and type home

Step 3: Click HomeGroup from the results

Step 4: Now at the bottom of new window you will see a link Leave the homegroup…

Step 5: In next window confirm that you really want to leave a home group by clicking Leave the homegroup, wait for few seconds and then click Finish

Now you computer is no longer a part of homegroup.

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