[Tutorial] How To Test All Functionality Of Your Samsung Galaxy S3

In the past few months we covered number of different tutorials and tricks for Samsung Galaxy S3, today, we are bring you a new trick. This is the “Hidden service menu” of the Galaxy S3, i.e. a menu which you can use to test and make sure that everything works as it should on your device. All smartphones usually bring one, as in this case, the application is opened from the phone app using a code and in this tutorial I will show you how.

Follow below instruction to find out how to open Samsung Galaxy S3 “Hidden service menu”. Let me also note that I have tested this code on Samsung Galaxy Note too where I have found it working without any problems as you can see from image above.

Step 1: Open the Phone application from your Android home screen.

Step 2: Go to the screen keyboard.

Step 3: Type in *#0*#.

Step 4: You’ll find a menu of 5 x 3 squares with the following options:

  • Test Red color
  • Test Green color
  • Test Blue Color
  • Test front speaker
  • Test Vibration
  • Test Dimming (the screen is divided into three colors: red, green and blue, each with black cast)
  • Test Rear Camera
  • Test Sensor
  • Test Touch Screen
  • Test Sleep
  • Test Rear Speaker
  • Test Sub key
  • Test front camera
  • Test LED
  • Test the low-frequency (test speaker capability to reproduce those sounds)

Now just test whatever you want to. Share your experience and findings with us in the comment section below.

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  1. Xavier

    interesting menu to test LCD in Galaxy SIII, specially the sensor button that checks accelerometer, proximity, barometer, altitud, light, gyroscope and magnetic sensors. Try gyroscope graph and move your phone in all directions. The touch button can help to detect defects at any part of the display. In my case everything works ok.

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