[Tutorial] How To Transfer iTunes Music To Your Kindle Fire

We all love to listen music while reading or typing and it’s not an exception for Kindle Fire users. In this tutorial I will show you how to transfer your iTunes music library to you Amazon Kindle Fire. We will be using Amazon Cloud Player which is not too difficult but there some steps involved so make sure you read this tutorial.

To get started follow steps below

Step 1: On your Windows/Mac computer or laptop open web browser and visit Amazon MP3 section

Step 2: From here lunch Amazon cloud player and after that, from top right corner of the web site click yellow button that says Upload your music

Step 3: Once you click on that button you will get prompt to download and install Amazon MP3 uploader. Once you pas trough all the steps and install the software it will automatically begin scanning your computer for music on it. It will start from iTunes library and depending how large collection of music you have it may take few minutes to finish.

Step 4: Once your scan is complete you will see a screen telling you how many songs you have and how much storage it takes up and you can use + button next to playlist titles and see which songs you have

Step 5: In bottom right corner of that window you will also see a time which is necessary that all your music be upload to Amazon cloud, so depending on how much music you have on your computer it may even take you few days for upload to finish. Make sure you only check and upload the music you gone actually listen on your Amazon Kindle Fire

Step 6: Now once you have selected all the music that you want to upload, from bottom right corner click Start upload. Once you click on that button you will see the progress bar that show what song is been uploaded and one by one all your songs will be uploaded to Amazon Cloud Player.

Step 7: Having all your favorite music stored on Amazon, take and boot up you Kindle Fire, navigate to the Music tab. Here you will see all of your albums that you uploaded. Choose the one you want and enjoy.

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