Bing Launches ‘Don’t Get Scroogled’ Campaign Against Google

Remember the character ‘Scrooge’ from Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol”? Apparently, the folks over at Microsoft have decided that it is apt to give Google a similar title, and have thus launched a website named to reveal the allegedly dishonest practices of the search giant.


The website which has been primarily geared at letting the users know how Bing is better than Google, says that Google once used to follow the ‘don’t be evil’ philosophy, but now, all the shopping results that it displays are sponsored ads.

In other words, no matter what you are looking for at Google Shopping, you will only get ads which have been paid for, not the ads which may match your requirements. It is by citing such dishonesty that Bing has equalled Google with Scrooge and warns the user not to get ‘Scroogled.’

In contrast, Bing presents itself as a more honest alternative, claiming that it is more about gaining the trust of the users than making money. The proposal in summed in the following words, “We say that when you limit choices and rank them by payment, consumers get Scroogled. For an honest search result, try Bing.”

The Scroogled website intelligently displays the statements from Google’s founders over the years, citing how initially their statements opposed paid advertisements and how they changed their stance over time. The venture is indeed a good insight into Google’s workings towards its search. But at the same time, it puts Bing into a position which seems too good to be true. Posted below is a video which more vividly depicts the message from Bing.

Source: Bing/Scroogled

Courtesy: CNET

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