This Brilliantly Made Fake Hoverboard Video Is Trolling The Internet

A new video is doing the rounds around the web, brilliantly done to illustrate the creation of a hoverboard. Although many celebrities can be seen endorsing the so-called product, the video is fake and may be a precursor to an announcement.


The video includes Terrell Owens (American football wide receiver), Tony Hawk (¬†American former professional skateboarder and actor), Moby and Dr. Emmett Brown and it basically tries to show off a real hoverboard that comes with a tagline of ‘Future Has Arrived.’ Not only has the video been picked up and posted by dozens of tech blogs and news sites around the web, there’s also a website which has a time counter on it, counting down to December 2014.

Apparently, December 14 is the ‘destination time’ of this product, whatever it will be. While the hoverboard video is obviously fake and there’s no chance at all that we are about to witness real hoverboard technology, there has been some interesting speculation about this. Some have simply deemed it an epic trolling by a bunch of tech-savvy folks.

But yet others say that the ‘Future Has Arrived’ may be a nod to the ‘Back to the Future’ franchise and may hint that Back to the Future 4 may be hitting the cinemas in December this year. Either way, all of this remains purely speculation for now and we will have to wait and see exactly what this turns out to be.

Source: Huvr Tech
Courtesy: TechCrunch

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