Owner Of CyanogenMod Domain Threatens To Shut It Down, Denies Later

CyanogenMod is one of the most popular hubs to get open-source Android firmware solutions. The community is very popular among the developers. Earlier today, we were told that the owner of CyanogenMod domain was trying to shut down the domain. However, the domain owner refuted any such reports.


To get things in perspective, the CyanogenMod team is different from the person who owns the CyanogenMod domain. This person, also a developer and named Ahmet Deveci, has owned the said domain for the last three years.

According to the CyanogenMod team, Deveci recently tried to make use of Steve Kondik’s name, who happens to be the original creator of CyanogenMod. The team realized that this could muddle the very repute of the CyanogenMod community and they approached Deveci to hand them back the domain.

Deveci, in turn, reportedly asked for $10,000 in return. Naturally, the CyanogenMod team didn’t have that kind of money, neither did they wish to pay him. So they tried to reduce the owner’s influence. To this, he responded with an email:

“Hi, so you think by removing all my access across the infrastructure was going to be a great idea? We had a chat yesterday, you’ve decided to end this bitter. How about I just change the DNS entries right now. CM will practically go down.”

And Deveci started acting by this, taking down CyanogenMod pages and sites. However, Deveci tweeted his side of the story recently; of course, an entirely different one. According to him, he was simply trying to hand over the domain to the CyanogenMod team and that the pages that briefly went down were precisely because of this transition.

According to him, he is now handing over the domain to the team and will soon let go of any control over it. While the two sides of the story are obviously contradicting each other, what is relieving to know is that CyanogenMod is here to stay.

Source: CyanogenMod blog

Courtesy: Droid-Life

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