Finally, WordPress Bloggers Can Have Ads

WordPress is considered an excellent platform by a huge number of bloggers around the globe. The highlight of a wordpress experience are it’s high-end widgets. However, wordpress bloggers have long lamented that the platform wouldn’t allow them to run ads on their blogs. With this fresh move by WordPress, this is very likely to change.

Being an avid wordpress blogger for years, I have realized that using wordpress is a great experience. It tends to give you neat blogs which focus on content. And for that reasons, wordpress never allowed ads to run on it’s blogs. But what I found mildly irritating was the fact that even those who wish to run ads on their wordpress blogs weren’t allowed by the platform, quite unlike Blogger.

Apparently, wordpress has given into the pressure of those who want to run revenue streams together with their blogging.

Ads on WordPress blogs:
The ads are totally optional, as the official statement by WordPress states. There’s a slight catch though – you can’t run the blogs on the free domains. You will have to purchase a custom domain, a small upgrade on wordpress which costs $24 for .me domain blogs and lesser for simple .com domains. Only after making the purchase, you can apply to run ads on your blogs.

And they won’t be just any ads. Expressing a mild distaste towards the standards of Google’s Adsense, WordPress’ official statement says that the platform will feature ads from brand advertisers like ‘Federation Media’ and not just any blogs. I must say this is a very welcome move by WordPress and will open up the platform for a greater number of bloggers.

Image courtesy Phil Oakley.
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