Firefox 13 Is Here With New Home Page And One-Click Fixes

Mozilla Firefox is not the most used browser in the world but it is definitely still among the most loved ones. The primary reason why the browser gained so much traction is that it has been very closely linked to and developed by the open-source community. And that is precisely why, the release of every new iteration of the browser is somewhat of a celebration.

The latest release, Firefox 13, packs a couple of new features for the browser, something that may excite Firefox users. The most prominent amendment is that it features a new home page. This is sure to lift some moods. The home page is far better now, not only in looks but also in terms of functionality.

You can now access bookmarks, downloads, history, add-on sync and settings far more swiftly and easily than was possible in the earlier version of Firefox. Moreover, when you open a new tab on Firefox 13, you get to see a new, redesigned page. This new tab page now welcome the users with thumbnail links of such sites which the user frequently visits.

To further customize the look of the page, you can ‘pin’ or remove items or simply render it blank by reverting it to the ‘standard’ mode. This can be accomplished simply by clicking the grid icon in the upper right corner.

The best part about Firefox 13 is that it comes with better security solutions. If you are having problems with your Firefox, simple type ‘about:support’ in the URL bar and go for the new feature called ‘Reset Firefox.’ When you select this feature, you data will be migrated from a corrupt, current profile to a new, clean one, thus removing your security issues with a single click.

To download Firefox 13 and try your hands on it, click here.

Source: Mozilla

Courtesy: Mashable

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