Gmail Getting New Look To Match Google+ – Test it Yourself

We seen this coming. Today Jason Cornwell, User Experience Designer of Gmail announced it on Gmail Blog. It bring the Google+ feeling in Gmail. Though it’s not released yet, but there is a Preview theme you could check it out right now.

New Gmail Preview

Google changing its look from home page to almost everywhere. Analytics, AdSense, AdWords already got total new lighter, much savvy look, and Google is going to increase its Ajax usage everywhere and bring the future experience right now. So a new look for Gmail was expected. We have seen the change of menu bar in all domain. After releasing close beta og Google+ ( Google Plus) we now have anew Gmail look which will make Gmail much similar with Google+.

This new look is much lighter and right now available only in light color, But Google promise to get some dark theme in next few months.

How to Get it Now?
New Gmail look is not released as default, but you could check it out. Its available as theme.
So just go to Gmail Setting, click on themes, select “Preview” and “Preview (Dense)” themes, those 2 will give you new Gmail look.

Google described it like its just their continuous effort to make Gmail a very powerful communication hub, as they previously released tools to save us on forgetting attachments and made sure that we got the right Bob.

They described it like this

If you poke around you’ll hopefully find a lot to like and a much cleaner, modern look but also few rough edges. In particular, some Labs features may look a little strange in the new themes. We plan to fix these issues as we roll out changes in the coming months. You can also expect some updated themes that embody the same design principles but are better suited to working in a dark environment, use a different color palette, or include the illustrations that we know many of you love to see around your inbox.

More Screenshot:
New Gmail Conversation

They also give us hint a new look is also coming for Google Calender. We should se it in action in next few days.

Via – Gmail Blog

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