Google Offers Amazing Drop On Google Drive Pricing

The cloud storage arena has heated up over the past few years. Google has now dropped the price tags on its Drive cloud storage very significantly, which is sure to drive up the competition.

Google Drive

There are certain new entrants in the cloud storage, such as Dropbox. And then there are the established and old tech giants such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon offering their own cloud services. Until recently, Amazon’s Cloud Drive seemed the most viable in terms of the costs.

However, with the recent price drop, Google Drive is the cheapest cloud storage option right now. A comparison reveals that while Amazon’s Cloud Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive offer a value of 24GB per dollar per month, Google’s new prices allow Google Drive to offer a value of 50GB per dollar per month.

The new price tags are sure to lure many new users to Google Drive. The 100GB storage space, which previously cost $4.99 per month, is down to a mere $1.99 per month while 1 TB of storage space is down to $9.99 per month, while previously it cost a whopping $49.99 per month. Moreover, if you want more than 10 TB of space, the pricing starts at $99.99.

Google is certainly notching up the competition in the cloud storage arena. It may be possible for other giants such as Amazon to drop the cloud storage prices without any issues. However, for smaller companies such as Dropbox, that may not be the most viable option. So it remains to be seen how this price drops from Google pans out in the coming weeks.

Source: Google Drive

Courtesy: Gizmag

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